Remote Technical Support

General information

In order to fulfill customer expectations we would like to announce new feature, allowing our technical support consultant to get remote access to customer computer. The remote connections shall enable quick location of the problem source and efficient application of corrective actions.

Remote technical support requires TeamViewer application to establish connection between computers (both computers must be connected to Internet).

TeamViewer characteristics:

  • user friendly
  • installation is not required
  • network configuration is not required
  • voice and chat communication within the session
  • highest security standard based on RSA (1024bit) and AES(256bit)
  • convenient file transfer
  • for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Instructions for using TeamViewer to allow ROGER technical support to get access to your computer:

1. Download TeamViewer and save the application in preferred location e.g. on your desktop.

2. Start Teamviever clicking its icon tv15 in previously saved location.

3. Teamviever window shall be displayed:

tv15 main w en

Note:It might be necessary to add Teamviewer to firewall exceptions. Windows firewall (or other) may display following message: “Add Teamviewer Remote Control Application to exceptions?”.

4. Send your ID with problem description to following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

tv15 id en

5. Do not close Team Viewer. Wait until ROGER technical support consultant connects to your computer.

6. After establishing the connection, control panel shall be displayed above system tray (in the bottom right corner of Windows desktop).

tv15 ses en

7. After finishing the work close the session of Teamviewer by means of red cross at control panel.

unia flaga en