RMA Procedure Rules

  1. Any product returned to Roger (hereinafter referred to as Manufacturer or Vendor) must have an RMA number. Roger reserves a right to refuse any package that is returned without a valid RMA number.
  2. RMA procedure is apply to equipment manufactured by Roger only.
  3. All RMA numbers will be valid for a period of not longer than 14 days. Any package send to Roger after 14 days of issuance will be refused and shipped back to the Purchaser at additional cost.
  4. If you purchased Roger product not directly from Roger company, please return it to the place where you bought it.
  5. Use one RMA number per one returned product.
  6. Some repairs may be chargeable and you will receive formal advice if this is the case.
  7. If product returned as defective is found not to be defective, it will be returned back to the Purchaser at his expenses. In that case the Purchaser will be also charged with costs which may arise after triggering the RMA procedure.
  8. Any other rules and conditions are regulated by Roger Worldwide Limited Warranty (attached to each device) and General Trade Terms and Conditions

In order to trigger RMA procedure please use RMA FORM

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