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Standalone Door Lock RWL-1-SL

RWL-1-SL Standalone Door Lock

The RWL-1-SL lock enables standalone, locally configured door access. The lock consists of two escutcheons with handles and a mortise lock. The card reader is installed in the external escutcheon, while the battery pack is installed in the internal one.
The handle on the internal side is permanently coupled with a deadbolt, so the door can always be opened from the inside regardless of battery state. The handle on the external side is separated from the deadbolt and moves freely. When the access is granted, the electronic module couples the handle on the external side with the deadbolt to enable door opening. When the door is closed, then the deadbolt is relocked automatically in order to prevent unauthorized door opening.
The RWL-1-SL lock can be optionally equipped with a door cylinder and then be opened with a traditional metal key.

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RWL-1-SL Standalone Door Lock

Standalone door lock with escutcheon; left hand

Standalone door lock with escutcheon; left hand; reverse bevel

Standalone door lock with escutcheon; right hand

Standalone door lock with escutcheon; right hand; reverse bevel


  • door lock with escutcheons, internal servomechanism and mortise lock
  • deadbolt relocked automatically when the door is closed
  • knob switch position detector
  • 100 cards memory
  • identification with ISO/IEC 14443A/MIFARE®
  • four LED indicators and buzzer
  • power supplied with four AA batteries
  • battery life approximately 2 years with an average of 10 entries per day
  • battery low level indication
  • low level configuration with RogerVDM software
  • dimensions of escutcheon without handle: 242 x 77 x 20 mm (height x width x depth)
  • escutcheon mounting with 4 bolts 5 x 60 mm
  • handle spacing: 72 mm
  • lock backset: 55 mm
  • rounded faceplate: 235 x 20 mm
  • one-sided door cylinder with metal keys included
  • door thickness: 38 to 55 mm
  • EI30 mark
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