Hotel Automation

Roger offers access control and hotel automation based on three possible scenarios:

As part of the scenario based on the RACS 4 system, it is possible to manage access to hotel rooms and shared areas (e.g. lobby). In terms of automation, the system offers the possibility of using an intelligent proximity cardholder that controls the electric power supply of the room. The scenario, based on the RACS 4 system is a simple solution intended mostly for guest houses and small hotels.

Automation within the RACS 5 system can be used in hotels of any size, but with common requirements relating to room automation. The RACS 5 system offers advanced access control to hotel rooms and shared areas in the building. As part of the automation, it is possible to control electricity, including light scenes, as well as the implementation of typical hotel signals (Do not disturb, Clean, Buffet, etc.). The system can be programmed with external software via the so-called Integration Server.

The solution based on HRC controllers and complementary equipment enables the implementation of:

  • access control to hotel rooms and shared areas (corridor, parking, elevators, conference rooms, swimming pool, gym, etc.)
  • air conditioning/heating/cooling control in a hotel room (AC panel with a temperature sensor)
  • power and lighting control (card pocket)
  • call system (assistance for the disabled, calling for help, calling for a manager/assistance, etc.)
  • signalling of alarm states (force entry, door open for too long)
  • signalling the needs for hotel service (do not disturb, please clean up)

Hotel automation based on HRC controllers is offered to hotel solution providers who are ready to integrate their own hotel management software with Roger equipment via a provided communication protocol. Obtaining and using the protocol requires signing a NDA and license agreement.

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