Project Registration

The purpose of project registration is to create conditions for closer cooperation with entities that design security systems and to support them in optimal application of RACS 5 functionalities.

Project registration rules:

  1. The registration concerns projects based on MC16 controllers from RACS 5 system.
  2. New installations, replacements of existing installations and upgrades from RACS 4 to RACS 5 systems can be submitted for project registration.
  3. The minimal value of project for registration is 10 000 EUR based on ROGER retail net prices without any discount.
  4. Distributor of Roger products or project designer are entitled to submit the project for registration.
  5. Decision on project registration and application of special design conditions is autonomous and at Roger own discretion.
  6. Successful project registration may entitle to special conditions which are assigned individually for the particular project.
  7. In case of projects without reservation of special conditions, alternative registrations of the same project are acceptable.
  8. The application for project registration must include:
    1. project coordinator/manager (representative of submitting party),
    2. location,
    3. investor,
    4. list of RACS 5 equipment for the project (device list, design, modifications of as-built documentation, etc.)
    5. consent for Roger to verify the installation of discounted MC16 controllers. Please use included form,
    6. documentation confirming the cooperation with design office in case of newly designed installations.
  9. Project registration is confirmed with email sent to submitter email address.
  10. If it is impossible to verify the installation of discounted equipment or the verification is negative then Roger is entitled to cancel discount(s) and/or exclude from future project registration.

In order to register the project, send filled form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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