The RACS 4 is a networked access control system based on single door access controllers, readers, communication interfaces, expanders, network controllers and managing software.

System functionality depends on the type of equipment used in particular installation. The RACS 4 can be divided into separate branches which are called access networks or subsystems. Up to 250 networks can be integrated into single access control installation. Each network may have up to 32 access controllers connected to RS485 communication bus and with distance up to 1200m. The PR Master software communicates with individual network through separate serial communication port (COM or USB) or through computer network (WAN or LAN). The RACS 4 is dedicated to small or middle size access installations and is capable to handle up to 1000 controllers and depending on PR series up to 4000 users (PRxx2) or 1000 users (PRxx1).


The General Structure of RACS 4 System


The Internal Structure of a Single RACS 4 Network (Subsystem)


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