PRxx2 controllers can work autonomously in a standalone mode as well as in a networked access control system equipped with CPR32 network controller.In standalone mode PRxx2 controllers autonomously provide read in and out door control and do not need to communicate with PC nor any other equipment. In such case all events are registered in their internal buffer and time related functions are managed by built-in real time clock. In such mode connection to PC is necessary only for configuration and events download or for online monitoring of events and alarms.

When working in integrated access control system PRxx2 controllers continuously communicate with CPR32, which collects events from access control system and records them in its internal buffer. CPR32 is also responsible for all global-type functions (e.g. anti-passback zones, alarm zones). In case of communication failure PRxx2 controllers switch to standalone mode and provide access control based on their settings (excluding global functions). In such case events are recorded in their internal buffers.

All PRxx2 access controllers are equipped with RS485 interface which can be use for both programming and online communication in networked system. Access control system based on controllers from both series can be managed locally through COM or USB serial port as well as remotely by computer network WAN/LAN.

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